Whilst I can not provide any actual photographs/pieces of work, I have devised a concept I am adamant on pursuing for my major work. The idea is as follows: 

I will pull random people off the street and ask to take their portrait. I will place them in front of a selection of coloured backgrounds, matching the background with their clothing or a colour that works best with their aesthetic. I will then have a colourful selection of portraits of many different people and personalities. Upon taking each person's picture, I will ask them to describe themselves, their life, hobbies, thoughts, personality etc. these will be noted down.

Following this, I will show the portraits to a myriad of other people, asking them to describe the person they are looking at. These descriptions will also be noted down. I will then sift through the responses I receive and find commonalities or similarities between each one, finally narrowing it down to one third-party description for each person. Each portrait will be displayed with, lying beneath each one an interactive device I will build that houses both the personal description I received from the subject, and the coagulation of responses from other people interviewed. The audience will then be able to switch between the two descriptions (which are unlabelled) and choose for themselves which one is true and which one is merely the public's opinion. Below is a diagram/prototype for the interactive device.

I could provide a cacophony of seemingly random and unorganised photographs in an attempt to unsuccessfully grasp at a farfetched concept, however that idea seems to be on the whole unnecessary when I have an idea fully fleshed out like this, with merely the task of taking the time to shoot it to do. This will be completed before March 15